Premium Rush

Agency whizzes past
intersections of non-gamer taxicabs.
This is a Manhattan mind ride
that delivers its small package
with the rushed air
of glutes churning thighs.

Gordon Levitates this careful
and whoa-fully careless
multicolored actioner.
Arcade games at the movies
*and* a plot: highs, highs.

Text, Medium —
enough of a world.
Shannonigans, hookups,
well-placed hiccups,
make for a gulpy breeziness…
Permutation — rarely lies.

No space for depth.
No sir, the cavalry will push through
in a justice-in-time.
Look around the shoulder, bikeman:
the suits loosen their ties
and cheer for you, the few who know
how urgency keeps at bay ’em
9 to 5 sighs.

premium rush_mehtacritic