Silver Linings Playbook

Waltzed in, she did,
and what I hung on to —
all that freneticity
that creeps up to you
like a volleying camera man
or an OCD editor —
slowed down like the first dance
of pansy light
with coffee-beige mug.

The typeset whirred
after being stuck and swung back
so many times,
all those thrown papers
and neglected prescriptions.
We grew differently
up and apart
take on our parents
take from our lovers
the short takes
like coffee stains on
the waltzed floor,
a fortune of cards.

away friendship like
a cinderella — the charming
is no prince
but a silver frog
who croaked on lotus
as the clouds moved apart.

Waltzed in, we did,
in a sane ballroom
of only average disabilities.
Emotions get choked
due to misfires.
Let’s pick up our papers
from the dance floor,
bran and milk —
we get close, closer.

silver linings playbook_mehtacritic