Haaliwood is mine, bitch: strips like
no mall you ever seen.

Friend, let me pay to sing so ever
sweetzerly — low bars off 101.

Ride my taxi and leave your fat lip
on my counter. Motel’s my weed.

She waits and waits for the bus downtown –
it hard out here for a trick.

Hello auntie will you sit and listen, sit
and listen, my husband’s dastardly.

Corner and police, no doughnut put me
down. I flip, he pimps me out.

Too seedy were we to feel betrayed,
fuck his seed, we still erased.

Can you track my tear on a smoky
public bus? Hair is dry in laundry.

A green filter on the saint that is now
monica. Burger, you at my cheese?

You be staring at me, you want into this,
toad? My follicle is desirable, for me.

A boredom and a christmas stunk up
this Eve so gingerly.

Las angelas, si puede, si puede.
“It meant nothing to me.”