The Place Beyond the Pines

We bring our motors
into situations, our motions,
our barrels, our sons.
What triggers situations
that we whirr in our motors,
our trappings, our settings,
our guns? The place beyond
the pines is a starting
for our lives, our loves, our
memories, our runs. It is the
swift target of our desires,
our arrangements, our
lessons, which by our lessening
are outrun.

We carry our motors
away from our balconies, our
cemeteries, our diners, our
gluttons. Luke signed his
copies, robbed his monies,
asked his favors, but how it
caught up with one Jason, not
yet Glanton. Sons barrel in on
motors, pine for their fathers
and face a swift, single motion:
lives of loves and memories, or
unarranged situations. What
is left on the wayside are our
mothers, their barrels, their
trappings, their emotions.

place beyond the pines_mehtacritic