Mehtacritic’s Top 15 films of 2015

Imagery that stayed and idioms that stirred from my 15 favorite films of 2015.

(FWIW – #16 was Meet the Patels.) (FYI, two films tied for the third spot.)

Please note – I didn’t get to watch quite a few good films.

However, I really enjoyed 2015 compared to recent years.

Which films were your favorite?

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With further ado…

15. Carol_mehtacritic

14. Crimson Peak_mehtacritic

13. Ixcanul_mehtacritic

12. Diary of a Teenage Girl_mehtacritic

11. Phoenix_mehtacritic

10. The End of the Tour_mehtacritic

9. Spotlight_mehtacritic

8. Steve Jobs_mehtacritic

7. Tangerine_mehtacritic

6. Brooklyn_mehtacritic

5. Goodnight Mommy_mehtacritic

4. 45 Years_mehtacritic

3. The Revenant_mehtacritic

3. The Big Short_mehtacritic

1. Mad Max: Fury Road_mehtacritic

Thank you.