The Rider

Mane and a cross
Sturdiness of backs
Sliver of an Apollo sunrise
Clench, cowboy hat and the tremble.

A simple land: bonfire,
the single comment on girls
and an accordion of different ability.
Stubbornness of fibrous rope
Tether, buckle, limb and waist:
… Equine knowledgeability

Alongside prairie, mesa and rodeo.

Few variables accumulate
a dream, iridescent as landscape
a vibration of palm against some starry temple
Shrine of trust.
Waves of drive, a friend who signs,
who seeing swashbuckle, widely smiles.

Brother and sister, horse and friend
Taming is a bonding so humane–
Utterly unlike the settlements of civilization.
Here, wilderness heaves long after
a separation
a splintering
a trigger

You ride towards a choice…

as rider arched perpendicular
to several’s
intransigent dreams.
Even in the hello to moon
You are wiry ember
Your meaning is lit
well through the deafness of
persistent crowd cheers.