Amazon lands outreach
we stay put, or play putt
On bartered communal badlands

Desert is settlement, cold
rememberer of embers
of amber days of rearview’s youth

Warehouse house or home
bordered plates weary
Encountered folks merely “down the road”

North: queer nor immigrant
stars of million years alight
Dinosaur bone, or empire’s town

A caravan of careful belongings
split into atoms of hovering relations
Bound by neoliberal pangs of precarity

Where are the bison? sequoia?
the reservations? Leftovers of
Whiteness in warmly sung permutations

Dad and son by piano: a
lifetime of beats searching melody
Strong shoulder of estate, or stony ground

Openness hides regret, or leavens it
An intimate space, enough temple
No signs of Allah, just the will of migration
Nook and sky and toilet seat, she
forsook farmland, corn and berry
Stretch from porch to yonder mountain

Is all the berth she needs, or was granted.